June 28, 2011

Feeling energized and renewed and a bit about wearing newborns

Coming out of the first year of a new baby is always like coming out of a fog...everything is clear again. So, here we go! I'm planning a ton of fun events...5k walk, raffles, picnics and much more. Stay on the look out for updates and definitely send me your suggestions and ideas.

B has been a dream baby so far. He's happy (most of the time), sleeps well (some times) and eats like a horse (I haven't decided if that is good or bad yet). I've been wearing him in carriers since birth. He loves it and has started picking them up and asking for it. It's been perfect to have him up so I can wrangle L. Even for quick trips inside the store, I swing him up onto my back.

Sakura Bloom Double Layer Silk
B age 3 days
I've gotten a lot of questions about carrying newborns. Before I go on I will state...these are my experiences and opinions, I'm not shilling for any company or saying its going to work for you and you should always practice any carry with any age over a soft area and in front of a mirror. So, I loved loved loved my Sakura Bloom silk ring sling. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing before I actually used it; however, it quickly ended up being my go-to carrier.

  • Pros
    • so nice against baby's skin and mine too
    • super supportive
    • silk is good for summer and winter
    • dresses up or down for the fashionitas
  • Cons
    • silk can be a bit iffy when cleaning
    • no pockets
    • took a bit to soften
With the ring sling, B and I preferred a tummy-to-tummy carry. Easy to slip him in, he could either watch the world or turn in and sleep on my chest. I carried him in the ring sling from birth to 2 months consistently and I will still throw on a ring sling for quick hip carriers.

Girasol #27
B age 6 weeks
Once we reached enough neck support, I switched to a woven wrap for back carries. I prefer a double hammock for almost all back carries...once you have muscle memory it is a pretty fast wrap...secure for newborns and pretty much wriggle proof for older babes. I never fell in love with a particular wrap but enjoyed the Elleville Zara and Girasol #27. I liked carrying B on my back because it allowed me to go about life with babe snuggled close and safe...and asleep.

I did use a variety of other carriers but really did prefer the ring sling and woven wrap with B. When L was a newbie I loved my pouch and Moby. As I am reminded every day, every baby is different.

So that about wraps it up for now...hope to see you at our next meeting (July 16)!

January 2, 2011

First Meeting of 2011!

Welcome to the new year! To start it off this month's topic is Babywearing: 101 and General Safety.

January 15, 1:30 - 3:30

Our meetings are always free. Each meeting does have a discussion topic but we always have time to answer questions and help with carriers. We will be meeting at Bellani Maternity, 1276 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI.

Hope to see you there!